Cirruculum Vitae Art Teacher Painter Photographer Graphic Designer Video Artist
For me finding the harmony is the most honourable passion of all (Le Corbusier). This qoute should encourage each of us to face our inner disharmony (Zita Klovaite Haagensen)


Archive for 1987-2000

Title: 00_In Granny's yard.jpg

Title: 01_Hen with chiks 1987_oc_70x50_.jpg

Title: 02_In Granny's yard-I_My lovely Granny_1991o/c_70x50.jpg

Title: 03_In Granny's yard-II_Cat at the firie place_1990_o/c_70x50.jpg

Title: 04_In Granny's yard-III_Cats at the sun_1991-2000_o/c_70x50.jpg

Title: 05_The farmacy of Vegeriai 1990_o/c_70x50.jpg

Title: 06_By the ferie.jpg

Title: 07_By the ferie I_1992-1994_ _o/c_110x90.jpg

Title: 08_By the ferie I-II_1992-1994_ _o/c_140x90.jpg

Title: 09_My lovely daughter Erika-Eva _1987_o/c_70x50_.jpg

Title: 10_Peonies_o/c_80x60_.jpg

Title: 11_Still life with objects to remember chilhood by_1990_ o/c_90x50_.jpg

Title: 12_Still life_Honeycomb.jpg

Title: 13_Still life_Honeycomb_ 1995-1997_o/c_35x21.jpg

Title: 14_Fragment_Honeycomb_o/c_35x21

Title: 15_Still life with Granny's cheese and honey.jpg

Title: 6_Still life with Granny's cheese and honey_1988_o/c_67x45.jpg

Title: 17_Still life_Fragment_o/c_
Dimensions: 40x30_.jpg

Title: 18_Still life_Fragment_o/c_
Dimensions: 40x30.jpg

Title: 19_Still life fragment_o/c_
Dimensions: 65x45.jpg

Title: 20_Still life with Granny's cheese and honey_Fragment_o/c_40x40.jpg

Title: 21_Still life with asters.jpg

Title: 22_Still life with asters_2000_ _o/c_70x60.jpg

Title: 23_Still life with asters_
Dimensions: Fragment I_ _o/c_70x35.jpg

Title: 24_Still life with asters_
Dimensions: Fragment II_o/c_80x70.jpg

Title: 25_Author.jpg

Title: 26_Still life with olive-branch 2002_o/c_80x60.jpg

Title: 27_Still life with olive-branch_ _Fragment_o/c_80x45.jpg

Title: 28_Still life with olive-branch 2002_o/c_80x60_.jpg

I paint pictures, I create graphic designs and advertising material, I make models, and I am a photographer and film-maker. (I do portrait photography and I also take photos at Christenings,Weddings, First Communions, etc.) I teach the basics of art to both adults and children in Lithuanian, Russian or English.