Cirruculum Vitae Art Teacher Painter Photographer Graphic Designer Video Artist
For me finding the harmony is the most honourable passion of all (Le Corbusier). This qoute should encourage each of us to face our inner disharmony (Zita Klovaite Haagensen)

Cirruculum Vitae

                                            Ponydalen 5,1mf, Helsingor 3000, Denmark,                                              email:zitaklov5@gmail.com/zipalauk@gmail.com
URL /www.zitaklovaite-haagensen.com /www.klovaite.dk /update



2009  BA (Multimedia Arts), Siauliai University, Lithuania
1997 (Art teacher) Lithuanian Pedagogical Institute of Requalification, Vilnius Academy of Art, Lithuania


2008-2009  www.kit.dk Righolt, Niels. "Rapport om interkulturelle erfaringer projekter or kulturpolitiske initiativer i Norden". 2008.p80.pdf file


2010  International Exhibitions & Competitions of contemporary Arts Euro Art Week. Russian & Lithuanian Art Week.   
International Photography competition." Slavic world- Inside".Vilnius. Lithuania
2009  New Nordic Art (Leadership foundation) exhibition Oslo. Norway
2007  EU “Breaking Stereotypes” Photo Competition, Brussels.  Belgium
2007  Toldkammeret, Helsingør. Denmark
2000  Communicational Project “ MMM- 2000. Lithuanian Ministry of Education
and  Sience, Vilnius. Lithuania
1994  Lithuanian World Folklore festival. Modern Art Gallery. Vilnius. Lithuania                
1995  Siauliai Art Gallery. Lithuania
1989  KlaipÄ—da  Art Gallery. Lithuania
1987-1999 Siauliai Art Gallery. Lithuania


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Digital article:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2008-2010  http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/104962-zita-klovaite-haagensen
2006-2010  http://www.bazart.dk/visprofil.php?kunstner_id=1000330   


2003 A message of thanks was given for the exhibition's of gifted childen's art works to honour the 10th anniversary of the restoration of the Lithuanian Republic .The photographic competition was called "I and my Lithuania". Thanks were given by the government of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Children's Affairs, Vilnius.
2000 Thanks to the teacher and her pupils for participating in the International Art project for Schoolchildren "Natures Fairytale 2000 Homeland". Republic of Lithuania Ministry of Environment. Republic of Lithuania Ministry of Education and Science, Vilnius.
2000 Message of thanks to the supervisor and children organised the exhibition, called   "Winter´-s Tale". Thanks was given by Lithuanian Youth Centre 2000, Vilnius.
2000 Ministry of Education is thanks for participation in the communication art project "MMM - 2000" ("City - We - School") and the exhibition, which was held in the Ministry of Education and Science. Given by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science, Vilnius.   
1999 Thanks to the teacher and her pupils for participating in the 6th International Children's Drawing and Poster Contest "Natures Fairytale -1999 The river, The sea, The ocean" Republic of Lithuania Ministry of Environment. Ministry of Education and Science, Vilnius.
1996 The Ministry of Education is thankful for activities, that cherish and preserve Lithuanian art and thanks are given by Lithuanian specialists in folklore union's department in Šiauliai.
1995 Awarded the “Siauliu krastas” newspaper for honouring of Varnas one of the greatest  artists in Joniskis Lithuania.            1995  Founder of studio in cooperation with adults and former students Muzu malunas in venta, Akmene district, library organisation of exhibitions and performances,Lithuania.


1995  Museum of Cats, Siauliai, Lithuania
1989  “Ausra” Ethnographic Museum, Siauliai, Lithuania

I paint pictures, I create graphic designs and advertising material, I make models, and I am a photographer and film-maker. (I do portrait photography and I also take photos at Christenings,Weddings, First Communions, etc.) I teach the basics of art to both adults and children in Lithuanian, Russian or English.