Cirruculum Vitae Art Teacher Painter Photographer Graphic Designer Video Artist
For me finding the harmony is the most honourable passion of all (Le Corbusier). This qoute should encourage each of us to face our inner disharmony (Zita Klovaite Haagensen)

Art Teacher

Art Studio DK

Title: 04_Eva and Radvile_Cake by the Poloc_fragment

Title: 05_0scar_Composition Cartoon_
Dimensions: paper,pencil

Title: 06_0scar_Christmas time_collage

Title: 07_Oscar_Red Cartoon_paper,pen

Title: 08_Oscar_Red Cartoon_paper,colour

Title: 09_Oscar_Cartoons_paper,pen

Title: 10_Eva 7years_Cat_paper gouash

Title: 11_Eva 7years_Cat_paper,gouash

Title: 12_Eva_Composition 1_paper, gouash

Title: 13_Eva_Composition-2,paper,gouach

Title: 14_Eva_Compisition-3_Angel_paper,
Dimensions: goauch

Title: 15_Eva_Composition-4_paper,gouach

Title: 16_Eva and Radvile_project_Cake by the Poloc_mixed media

Title: 17_Eva and Radvile_project_Cake by the Poloc_fragment

Title: 18_Eva and Radvile_project_Cake by the Poloc 2005_For Mothers day

Title: 19_Easter_fragment_collage

Title: 20_Easter_fragment_paper,gouach

Title: 21_Easter_mixed media.JPG

Title: 22_Jurgutis_Angel_canvas,pencil

Title: 23_Angel_canvas,gouach

Title: 24_Angel_canvas,gouach

Title: 25_Adam 10years_Miracle cartoon_
Dimensions: paper,gouach

Title: 26_Harold 11year_Moon_paper,gouach

Title: 27_Maria 7years_The Christmas time

Title: 28_Amalie 13years_Self-portrait_
Dimensions: paper,gouach

Title: 29_Victoria 8years_Injoy_

Title: 30_Amalie in studio

Title: 31_Adam 11years_ In studio


Title: 33_Harold_Im in moon study.

Title: 34_Amalie lovely

Title: 35_Kristina and Eva

Title: 36_Performance"We are- ART study"

Title: 37_Julia_Performance "We are- ART study"

Title: 38_Jurgutis_Performance "We are- ART study"

Title: 39_Gabriele_Performance "We are- CRISTMAS study"

Title: 40_Oscar_Performance "We are CRISTMAS study"

Title: 41_Maria_Performance "We are- CHRISTMAS study"

Title: 42_Julia_Performance "We are- CRISTMAS study"

Title: 43_Performance"We are in ART study VAIVORYKSTES SPALVOS"

Title: 44_Performance"We are in ART study VAIVORYKSTES SPALVOS"

Title: 45_Performance_The Danish and Lithuanian Embassy2005

I paint pictures, I create graphic designs and advertising material, I make models, and I am a photographer and film-maker. (I do portrait photography and I also take photos at Christenings,Weddings, First Communions, etc.) I teach the basics of art to both adults and children in Lithuanian, Russian or English.